Wednesday, 4 July 2012


My favourite Lebanese restaurant in London! This gem is located in Mayfair, and my family have been going to this restaurant for over 20 years. The food and ambience is so good that we just keep coming back, and it's one of our family's go-to restaurants.

It's great to go to just for drinks, as the cocktail list is incredible!

Rose Martini - Vanilla vodka, rose water liqueur, lychee juice, lime juice, pomegranate syrup 

Strawberry Mojito (this is in the non-alcoholic list as a Virgin Strawberry Mojito but just ask for it with alcohol)

Mangotini - Vodka, mango liqueur, mango juice, lime juice

Raspberry Lemonade (non-alcoholic but so good!)

If you want to just go for drinks, or even a light dinner, you can order a bunch of dishes from the Mezze menu for your group to share. As a family, we order so many dishes as an appetizer for our table. There's so many dishes that there's bound to be something for everybody, and they're fairly small so you can try some of everything!

Hoummous awarma - Hoummous topped with marinated lamb and pine nuts

Basket of Pita Bread

Kibbé mekliyeh - Deep-fried lamb and cracked wheat parcels, filled with onions and pine nuts

Sambousek - Deep fried pastry parcels filed with mixed cheese and herbs

Falafel - Deep-fried bean and herb croquettes with lemon and tahini dip

Tabbouleh - Minced parsley, mint, onions and tomatoes mixed with cracked wheat, lemon and olive oil

Halloum meshoué - Grilled halloumi cheese

Soujouk - Pan-fried homemade Lebanese spicy lamb sausages with cherry tomatos 

After fighting for the last piece of our favourites and basically inhaling our food, we always order a mixed meat grill. We always order it for less people than there actually is as there's so much and we're full from everything else we've eaten (for example, there was 10 of us last night and we ordered a mixed grill for 6). I was so busy grabbing my skewers when the food arrived that I forgot to take a picture until after... whoopsie. We also order it with a plate of rice and some chips.

What was left of one of the plates of the mixed meat grill

Bukhari rice

I did the same thing with dessert - got way too excited when it came! There was literally nothing on the plate afterwards, so sorry no picture! I absolutely love Baklava (middle eastern pastries), I think they're so delicious. We also ordered a couple of big fruit platters that came with pineapple, melon and watermelon, which is so refreshing after a meal.

If you've never been, definitely try this restaurant out. Apart from the amazing views of Green Park from the windows, it's so much fun to go. The service is lovely (I accidentally got some hoummous on my sleeve and a waitress rushed over with soda water to get it out - so sweet!) and sometimes a belly dancer comes out to perform and encourages you to stand up with her (which I never have done, but the people who are drunk enough to do so always look like they're having so much fun!) This restaurant honestly never gets old, so GO!

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