Friday, 13 July 2012

The Chelsea Quarter Café

Whilst in Chelsea in the morning, we walked past a café that we'd never been in before. I always like to try something new (and was also getting grumpy from a lack of breakfast).

The café is white and beautifully clean. I love the black and white pictures of different phrases on the walls.

I loved their menu, although their service was pretty slow, but hopefully it was just an off-day... I split an Eggs Florentine and an Eggs Royale. By the time it came I couldn't wait any longer, and got so excited that I forgot to take a picture. Here's what was left....

Bread basket

Fresh orange juice

My favourite part of the café was the pastries. They had amazing cupcakes, cakes cookies, brownies, bread, bagels and even baklava. They also did takeaway sandwiches, salads and pastas. The best part was that since I wanted to take them home, I didn't have to rely on their slow service. Everything looked sooo good but I eventually decided on a chocolate cookie and a white chocolate brownie. Yum yum yum yum. 

Next time I'm coming back for one of these cakes...

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