Sunday, 15 July 2012

Ayia Napa

Something everyone should experience in their life is a single-sex holiday. There is no better way to bond with your friends than to spend the week with them abroad, and our holiday just happened to be in AYIA NAPA.  

A couple of weeks before we were told that our villa had been re-possessed from its owner, so the company moved us into another villa which was much bigger and more expensive, but at no extra cost. We ended up staying at this beauty....

One of my friends is a vegetarian so it was easier just to make veggie meals. Our week consisted of salads and pasta - easy and cheap to make throughout the week. The house was constantly full of watermelon which was amazing as it was so damn hot outside.

Watermelon and feta salad

We did go out to dinner a couple of times (as much as we could afford) which was also really nice. Being picky, both times I had two appetizers instead of one main so I could have a variety of things. I always went for the fish dishes because it was so fresh there.

Gossiping and bitching have been known to be the two things that girls most easily bond over. However, we went for another route, which was drinking games. Ours consisted mainly of Ring of Fire and Never Have I Ever. We completely made up our own rules for Ring of Fire as we couldn't remember the actual rules... 

My favourite alcohol for the trip was rum. I never usually drink it but after being sick of vodka and tequila my choices were fairly limited. The most popular drink we made was rum with pineapple juice and 7-Up, which was amaaazing. I thought we'd invented it, but unfortunately on the plane on the way to Singapore afterwards I was scanning the cocktail list and saw that it was called a 'Rumba'. Drats.

We also had pre-drinks once at a place called Tequila Gardens. It's obvious that the giant margarita is what attracted us.

The strip had so many amazingly themed places. When walking through, you will literally be ATTACKED by promoters trying to lure you in. After a couple of days we quickly discovered that a lot of promoters were bullshitters, and knew which clubs and bars were our favourites, which made it easy to plan our nights. Our favourite bar to go to was this Irish bar (can't remember the name) and Bedrock which was Flintstones themed. Every night I'd buy jello shots, which were only 1 or 2 euro, and even though they were really weak on alcohol they tasted amaazing. After, we always went to Castle Club early on in the night because girls will usually get free entry and a free drink.

Our favourite clubs to end the night was Starskys and Carwash. Carwash had such amazing music, ranging from rock music like Blink 182, Bon Jovi, Nirvana, all the way to oldies such as I Will Survive, Cotten Eyed Joe and the Macarena, as well as current chart music. If you're planning to go to Ayia Napa - GO TO CARWASH. GO GO GO.

There were also a couple of after-clubs like Aqua and River Reggae. They both have pools, and Aqua's pool is known as the "chlamydia pool". We didn't go to Aqua.

A good tip is to never get too drunk. Don't peak too early as we left the house usually around midnight and came home 4/5/6am depending on the events of the night. Also, you DO NOT want a hangover in the heat, as you will feel disgusting and probably want to die.

Another tip - dress comfortably and DO NOT wear heels. You will not last all night, and you do not want to walk barefoot. You will also look stupid and people will laugh at you.

We went to the beach a couple of times which was also really nice. Our villa was a good walk to Nissi Beach, and it was nice to spend a few hours there.

A week there was the perfect amount of time. Long enough to have an amazing time, short enough so I didn't collapse into a ball of tiredness, dirtiness and brokeness. I also couldn't have asked for a better group of people - who wouldn't love these girls? Yes, we got matching shirts.

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  1. did you go to that little island in the middle in nissi beach near the water sports stuff


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