Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Bonjour Paris!

CJ and I were tourists for the past 4 days. Tourists in what people claim to be the most romantic city in the world, Paris. However, since it was me that CJ was going with, we weren't just tourists, we were ASIAN tourists. That's right - I whipped the camera out at every single glimmer of prettiness or food, and scouted out who wouldn't run off with my camera before waving it in their faces to take super-tourist photos in front of famous attractions. Lucky him.

Paris was lovely. Restaurants with tables and chairs lined across the pavement, pastry shops at every corner you turned - I didn't eat a piece of fruit or veg the entire time I was there. The only thing that could have made it better was the DAMN WEATHER. For 2 whooole days it decided to rain. Good thing I brought an umbrella (tactical tourist packing) as it was chucking it down, and Paris isn't as pretty as you'd think in the rain! I was grumbling and moaning about my wedges getting soaked and chafing against my feat until the sun came out the next day. It was like a whole different place. Anyway, here's my trip, along with some teeny little beginners tips to Paris, from one lost tourist to another.

We went on the Eurostar because I LOVE trains. I don't know why, I think it's because of the beautiful scenery outside the window throughout the journey. The only horrible bit was when we went through the tunnels because our ears did that funny blocking thing where it really hurts. Yes I took a picture of the food.

We got there and it was raining and horrible. Our hotel was in a great location as it was right by a metro station, which was important when picking a hotel as it's so convenient. After checking into the hotel we had a long nap before exploring. We soon found that exploring was a waste of time - everything was shut on a sunday and in the evening, and nothing looked appealing in the damp streets. We (or I) got very frustrated and we ended up getting takeaway from the pasta place next door to eat in bed as we watched England vs Italy in the Euro 2012 quarter-finals. I love when games go to penalties it gets so exciting! CJ was not too happy with the final results though...

Tired but satisfied with my pasta in my pajamas

The next day was much more optimistic in the sun. We headed down to the metro and clever me suggested getting day travel passes for the metro instead of individual metro tickets. This saves a lot of money and time as it lets you go anywhere within certain zones for however many days you buy a pass for. You can do this in the information area in the metro station.

CJ had never been to Paris so our first stop was inevitably the Eiffel Tower.

It was such a nice day for walking around, and so damn sunny that I was scared I was going to have weird tan lines with what I was wearing. We decided not to go up the Eiffel Tower because the queues were massive and we weren't really bothered. Instead, we looked around at ALL THE MILLIONS OF FOOD STALLS. 

Do not eat a massive breakfast before you come here. There are crepes, ice-cream and everythingggggg that look soo good. I had a massive ham and cheese omelet for breakfast and couldn't eat ANYTHING.

Picture #2412418439 of the Eiffel Tower

We then went to the Arc De Triomphe which was nice but again we didn't go up.

That was all the tourist attractions we visited (apart from Disneyland). We didn't go to the Louvre because CJ wasn't that interested and I'd already been...

Ming and I in appreciating the work and showing our artistic side in 2009

Since Paris is known for it's fashion and style, and EVERYONE had been telling me to go shopping there, that's what we did. We headed over to the biggest, most beautiful Louis Vuitton I'd ever seen. You can't really see the display's well in these photos but they were incredible.

We also went to Galeries Lafayette which was huuuge and beautiful. The ceiling is absolutely gorgeous. Was clearly too stunned to take a picture (forgot).

I unfortunately didn't buy anything there, but we went to another building nearby where they had a Ladurée! Of course I had to take home a few mouth-watering treats for later..

We also passed a Paul on the way back to the hotel, where we stopped and got some lunch to eat when we got back.

Look how cute their footballer pastry is! Getting in the Euro 2012 spirit!

We got back to the hotel and then had the most amazing takeaway lunch you could ever ask for..

Ham and emmental baguette for CJ and a mozzarella, tomato and basil sandwich for me

Something I love to do when I go overseas is to go to a local supermarket. There are always so much food that you can't get anywhere else and allows you to bring something home for everyone else to enjoy!

I miss these so much!

The rest of the trip was filled with lots and lots of French food. I made sure I ordered everything CJ hadn't tried before, including escargot and foie gras, which I was so surprised CJ happily ate up as he is such a picky eater!

Our (very healthy) breakfast

The lack of shopping for clothes was completely made up for by the amount of food I bought. It's safe to say everyone was very happy with me once I'd arrived home. We had French brie and bread after dinner tonight.

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