Friday, 15 June 2012

La Trompette

Lets start this blog off on a fancy note...

I haven't seen my family altogether in a while, so I was pleased that my dad suggested a 'family dinner' for the evening that he arrived in England. After 2 hours of my sister, Ming, searching potential restaurants we could go to, and even making a reservation after I greedily hinted at a tapas restaurant, dad swoops in and demands to go to a French restaurant that he's been dying to try (clearly taking advantage of Father's Day coming up)! However, i'm glad he did, because the food combined with the friendly service at La Trompette was amazing.

It's quite a fancy place compared to my get-mcdonalds-drive-through-and-eat-in-the-carpark moments, but i'm not complaining!

There was a litte confusion trying to sort out our meals with the different menus (the normal menu requires you to have 3 courses, whereas if you come before 7.30 there is an early evening menu which gives you the option of choosing 2 or 3 courses), but that was nothing compared to the lovely range of dishes we had!

Ham hock and foie gras ballottine with piccalilli, mixed seed toast

 Grilled mackerel with balsamic beetroots, watercress, apple and horseradish mayonnaise

The almost-too-good-to-eat presentation came with a taste that matched. We wondered if our mains would be just as good...

Roast fillet of cod with griddled chorizo and courgettes, parmesan gnocchi, salsa verde

Seabass ceviche with crushed borlotti beans, avocado, baby gem, cucumber and crème frâiche (Ming ordered it without the crème frâiche)

 Roast middle white pork with morteau sausage, green beans, fondant potato and trompettes

I thought i'd be a good girl by just having fish as a light main, but that all turned around when we looked at the desserts. It's safe to say that the desserts were by far the best part of the evening, and I made myself the scavenger of the table, trying bits of everyones dessert. Being a huge ice-cream fan, the maple syrup ice-cream went down a treat with me!

Maple syrup ice cream with caramel pecans and salted almonds

 Dark chocolate marquise with nuts and raisins, caramel ice cream

Raspberry crème brûlée

After our bellies were stuffed full, we asked for the bill, only to be pounced on with mouth-watering truffles. I had to force one in whilst saying sayonara to any hopes of a bikini body this summer but it was completely worth it! 

Had such a lovely evening seeing everybody, especially since Ming went off to see her friend in Cannes this morning and everybody else has seemed to gone off to do their own thing! But Ming and I are still on our mission to search for new restaurants this summer, I can't wait! Hopefully won't hamper my dreams of a beach bod this summer too drastically...

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