Thursday, 28 June 2012

Disneyland Paris

I was SO excited to go to Disneyland Paris. I kept reminiscing about the times when Ming and I would go running to each character to get their autograph in our little Disney autograph book (which I still have today) and just have the best time of our lives. It's the 20th anniversary of the park this year, what better time to go?!

It turns out, a better time to go would be when it's sunny. It was nothing like when I was younger. Not because I'd grown out of it or anything, but because it was RAINING. And since it was raining, NONE OF THE CHARACTERS WERE OUT. Apart from some fuzzy bear who CJ and I didn't even know existed. His costume was clearly the least important.

But regardless, we tried to make the most of our day out! We went straight to the big rides which were .... 40 minutes long. Helllllls no. I took pictures of them to pretend to people that we actually went on them. And some other scenic shots.

We did go on ONE ride. It was the peter pan ride, where you sit in a little pirate ship and it takes you round basically telling you the story in picture and statue form. The line said 15 minutes, so I insisted on joining the queue which ended up being HALF AN HOUR. CJ was not a happy bunny with me.

It was quite cool, but not worth the time waiting in the rain. I acted like it was the best ride of my life so CJ would think that all our efforts were worth it... 

We did see some other rides that were my favourite when I was little, but again the lines were far too long.

We also went to the Alice in Wonderland maze, which was okay considering it was so busy (you know when people walk really slowly and stop in front of you and you want to hit them) and still raining.

I actually lined up behind a queue of kids for this shot.

The view from the maze tower

The highlight of the trip was seeing THESE bad boys.

Mickey shaped cakes!

Our passes covered both the parks, so we left to go to Walt Disney Studios. We were STARVING at this point, since most of the food vans were empty for some reason (probably because of the RAIN) so we jumped at the first sign of food we saw, which was a fast-food place, ruining my plan of ONLY eating French food in Paris. Oh well... French fries?

It was still raining. We were tired. We got the train back to the hotel. Although it wasn't as I imagined for the previous 4 weeks before going, it was still worth going to. So much for CJ and I laughing in the train on the way there about how we picked a perfect time to go since people were still in school and it was a tuesday. Pahhhh. If you're thinking of going, GET AN EXPRESS PASS. Then you can laugh at all the losers having to queue up behind you. The losers being CJ and I this time.

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