Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Diet Snacks

Depending on this hormonal weather, bikini season has debatably started. That can mean only one thing - the bikini diet (unless you have a freak metabolism where you can eat anything you want, in that case, stop reading and don't stand next to me on the beach please).

It's important to have small snacks between meals. This sounds silly but snacks will keep your metabolism going and actually can make you slimmer. Now, don't just grab the first chocolate bar and can of coke you see, snacks should be HEALTHY. Fruit is always an obvious choice. Don't listen to crap about how the levels of sugar in fruit are too high - no one has ever gotten fat from eating fruit. Don't be ridiculous. It's natural goodness.

Here are some of my favourite diet snacks currently:

Green tea is SUPER good for you. It has 0 calories and it detoxifies your insides, which helps you feel better when you drink it whilst you're eating crap. The green tea with caffeine helps you lose weight, but the decaf version is much healthier for you.
 The packet says it all really! Dark chocolate is GOOD for you (much better than milk or white, so try and go for dark when you make a decision). Obviously don't overeat or you'll feel sick and fat, but it makes a great snack as there are as many antioxidants in each of these sweet little 35g bags as there are in 25 ORANGES, 8 BANANAS OR 5 APPLES. Now what better excuse to eat chocolate than this?

I am in love with these dark chocolate rice cakes. I discovered them in Pret, and then saw these in Gregs, so I had to buy as many as I could carry to the counter. It says the milk chocolate ones are 2 or 3 calories less, but I'm still sticking with dark chocolate, not because I prefer the taste but because I still believe it's healthier!

I discovered these online when I was searching for health bars. These are gluten, wheat and dairy free. They're made with around 4 or 5 ingredients, which I love as you know exactly what you're putting into your body, which is nothing artificial! Every calorie is a good calorie, as they're from mostly dates and nuts. They have plenty of flavours, but Berry Delight is (as you can see) my favourite as I love the raspberry flavour.

Coconut water! Some people love them and some people don't, but as the packet says, it really does feel like sticking a straw through a coconut. It's so refreshing and really makes it feel like summer. These are full of electrolytes, which make them PERFECT for after a work-out.

Popchips are definitely the healthier choice when it comes to any crisps. They come in heaps of different flavours and they taste so good! It's such an easy swap to make in your cupboard from other alternatives.

Other of my favourite snacks to have are unsalted, unbuttered popcorn, which fills you up and is surprisingly not bad for you.
I also love natural peanut butter, which is amazing with sliced apples (something I get made fun of for sometimes, but it's so good!). You can also have it with a slice of wholemeal toast, or, as I sometimes tend to be caught doing, eating it straight from the jar (don't do this) or even with my own fingers during one very desperate moment (NEVER do this).

I'll write a post on an easy way to diet during the next few days, so you can feel good throughout the summer without even trying!

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