Monday, 18 June 2012

Anniversary Lunch & Gaucho

A couple of days ago, CJ and I celebrated our first year of being together.

Now, what better way to celebrate than with food?

I took it upon myself to create a picnic full of his favourite foods (how caring/thoughtful, I'd like to think). Unfortunately, it was a really shitty day where it kept raining and stopping, so my plans for us to walk to the park and lay out on the grass for a picnic were ruined. After much deliberation, however, I found a perfect gap between the drizzle-storms to have the picnic on a table outside in the garden. I'd been slaving away in the kitchen (placing food on plates and the occasional item in the oven), but after receiving a beautiful bunch of red roses, I felt my efforts were rewarded (who doesn't love flowers?)

He's so cute. This is how the 'picnic' turned out..

I may have made a liiiiittle too much for two people, but trust me, most of that was gone in a very short space of time. Not proud to say that a hefty amount of those efforts were down to me...

After lunch, I was literally full until right before dinner, where I obviously took the advantage of having a little bit of space in my stomach to eat a whole lot more. 

We went to Gaucho on Sloane Avenue, which I can definitely say is one of my favourites in London. It's a must-visit for steak lovers as it's an Argentinean Steakhouse, and even if you're not a real steak fan there are other specialities which are mouth-watering. They always bring out the variety of raw steaks on a platter to your table to describe to you each one which I think is the coolest thing.

CJ, being the biggest steak lover, had a 300g fillet steak (sorry, the picture was blurry as the lights are dim in the restaurant). I thought I'd keep it light after my beastly lunch and ordered a cod, but was informed that they no longer had it as their specialities were changing very soon, and instead they had a monkfish (which I then had) which was amaaaazing.

CJ had the side of chips, and I had the side of spinach.

My favourite part of Gaucho though (apart from when two people hold the two doors open for you when you enter) is undoubtedly the cocktails. I recommend their specialities, as they change them up all the time and they're always delicious. They had a Passion Fruit and Vanilla Martini as a special a while ago, which they kindly did for me, which was so incredible that I obviously had to have it again! I also had their current speciality, a Passion Fruit Mojito, which was also very nice, and was later stolen off me by CJ. The cocktails on their actual cocktail menu are also to-die-for, so I again, HAD to have one. The description of the Cariño especially stood out to me, and it was definitely worth having an asian-flush for (being half-asian, i turn red with hot-flushes when I drink).

Cariño - Zubrowka Bison Grass vodka shaken with fresh strawberry and passion fruit puree, creating a fresh and fruity martini which is finished off with a sugar rim

The night ended with rushing back home to watch the end of a Euro 2012 match. Who said romance was dead?

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